Program Evaluation: A Rigorous Approach

We assess the effectiveness and efficiency of programs sponsored by government agencies at the federal, state, and local level. The evaluations require an assessment of statutes and regulations, program outcomes and measures, relationships to other programs, and changes needed to improve the program. Often, we provide an independent assessment as required by the Office of Management and Budget. We typically present the results of Congressionally-mandated studies to the stakeholders including OMB, GAO, and Congressional Staff as well as the Program officials.

Our program evaluation studies accomplish or support several objectives:

  1. Measure the impact of products or services on customers or clients.

  2. Increase efficiency (and decrease cost) by improving delivery mechanisms.

  3. Verify what the program is doing and what you think the program is doing.

  4. Verify or develop program goals; then determine whether it meets its goals and develop program measures which will assist in knowing if it has met its goals or not.

  5. Produce valid comparisons between your program and other programs.

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Recent Evaluation Projects

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