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Research and analytical reports are not useful unless you can understand them quickly and easily. Many technical reports are unnecessarily complex, full of jargon, and difficult to comprehend. We take a different approach. We write for understanding and we strive to communicate the results of our work clearly and concisely. We write short, active sentences. We strive to ensure our reports are free of jargon and unnecessary technical language. Above all, we try to explain the results and implications of our analysis in a straight forward manner and in plain language.

Data also is not useful if you cannot understand it. The best way to understand data is to visualize it. In all of our work, we try to show the shape of the data as often as possible to aid understanding. Many analytical charts and graphs are difficult to understand because they are designed poorly. Our analysts are trained to use effective data visualization techniques, building on principles taught by Edward Tufte and Stephen Few, two widely respected experts in data visualization, as well as basic principles of good design.

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“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

-Hans Hofmann

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