HR Services and Support for General Services Administration


The General Services Administration (GSA), Office of Human Resource Management (OHRM) sought support in HR Services that would enable the agency to increase the quality of HR support across the organization. OHRM is tasked with providing nationwide, end-to-end HR support to the organizations within GSA. This includes supporting the full lifecycle hiring process: recruitment, hiring, benefits and payroll processing, workforce data analysis, retention, workers compensation, retirement and off-boarding. 

EconSys was selected to support GSA OHRM’s HR efforts as we could provide the best quality services in a time of budget uncertainty and downsizing. EconSys brought specific expertise that included supporting the full lifecycle of HR services in support of GSA programs, organizations and applications nationwide. 

The Challenge

GSA selected EconSys for the project because of our specific experience in providing end-to-end HR services to the Federal Government. Our ability to provide qualified personnel across the country, and to provide a comprehensive solution that would allow GSA OHRM to maintain the level of service required of them was very highly regarded. Employees have been deployed in locations throughout the country including Washington, DC; Falls Church, VA; Philadelphia, PA; Fort Worth, TX, Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Kansas City, MO; Chicago, IL; California; and other remote locations. Specific services and positions supported by EconSys include:

  • HR Administrative Support
  • Classification Specialists
  • Staffing Specialists
  • Human Capital Services Support
  • Performance Management and Recognition Specialists
  • Executive Resources Personnel
  • Retirement Specialists
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workers Compensation Specialists

The Solution

Through weekly conference calls with GSA, expectations, and protocols are maintained and clarified as needed. Questions are addressed as they arise, and daily updates and internal quality reviews are conducted to ensure a high standard and quality of work sent to GSA at every step of the project. 

In fulfilling our commitment to GSA, we provide support in the following core HR functions:

  • Staffing and Recruitment – EconSys specialists support the full life-cycle of staffing and recruitment activities throughout GSA from vacancy posting, qualifications analysis, selection, and onboarding.
  • Classification – EconSys specialists provide classification functions for occupations and grades using multiple classification systems. This includes classifying position descriptions, conducting desk audits and providing comprehensive management advisory services on complex and difficult position classification/position management issues.
  • Performance Management – EconSys staff assisted in the design of performance management systems for SES/senior-level positions in alignment with an SES classification study.
  • Workforce Staffing Plans – EconSys staff has documented current and future workforce needs by major program area, occupation and location to be used to make informed strategic human capital decisions and document resources.
  • Retirement and Benefits Support – EconSys staff provides counseling to employees, provision of information regarding service computation dates, eligibility of certain periods of Federal service, retirement estimates, and deposits/redeposits to retirement. They ensure the accuracy of application packages prior to OPM submittal and assist with open enrollment.
  • Workers Compensation – EconSys staff assesses and reviews GSA’s workers’ compensation program, recommends improvements and cost-saving recommendations and identifies liabilities and budget reduction methods.
  • Administrative Support – EconSys staff supports GSA’s human resources organization across the country, performing clerical duties; processing and data entry; creating new employee letters; coordinating training; updating and maintaining internal HR databases; and providing ad hoc special HR project assistance.

EconSys has provided a high quality of service in a timely manner throughout our five-year contract with GSA. GSA has been so pleased with the performance of EconSys and our staff that they have exercised every option period. They have cited the exceptional work of EconSys recruitment specialists in providing highly qualified candidates to the agency, and the on-point management of personnel in a flexible environment as particularly strong points in the ongoing working relationship

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