About EconSys and Our Federal Partners

For more than 25 years, EconSys has partnered with the Federal Government to provide critical human capital solutions and programs to a diverse array of communities. We leverage our extensive experience and strong commitment to ethics to provide high quality services and solutions.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement:

To be a trusted partner with the Federal Government by providing enterprise Human Capital solutions that enables efficient and cost-effective management of their human resources from hiring through retiring.

Vision Statement:

To be the premier HR solutions provider to the Federal Government by facilitating their ability to manage and monitor their workforce by utilizing our enterprise solutions powered by visualization, powerful algorithms and modeling simulations.

Our values define who we are. They influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. That is why we maintain and promote a distinct set of values at EconSys:

Trust: Trust is the firm belief and strong confidence that all of us here at EconSys are reliable, ethical, helpful, honest and effective.

Teamwork: In all we do and all projects we work on, we are a part of something bigger – EconSys is more than each of us individually. Together we make up the whole – “One Company One Team.”

Innovation: At EconSys we will take risks, ask for ideas, get ahead of customer needs, and tolerate failure in order to learn.

Excellence: Our definition of excellence is: 1) exceed expectations, 2) bring new ideas, new technology, new approaches, and curiosity, 3) create surprise and excitement, 4) provide clarity in thinking and communicating, and 5) improve continuously.

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"EconSys exceeded expectations in providing and delivering quality products. They were outstanding to work with, not only based on their professionalism and subject matter expertise, but based on their ability to effectively work within our unique constraints."

Source: A Federal Law Enforcement Agency