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FedHR Navigator Performance Management

What are EconSys' other products and services beyond FedHR Navigator?

EconSys has four lines of business. In addition to FedHR Navigator, EconSys is a leader in Management Consulting to federal, state and local agencies, offers innovative solutions for Workforce Analytics, and provides personalized staffing solutions through HR Services.

FedHR Navigator Performance Management

To assign a user, you must have access to that employee and the organization where that employee is assigned. Ensure that the user has access to the organization. To grant access, contact one of your FedHR administrators.

Why am I unable to make changes to the performance goals for an individual?

In order to make edits to the individual performance goals, the e-signature must be removed. If you have e-signed, remove your e-signature and try again.

How can I see cases for the employees that report to me?

If you can’t see cases for the employees that report to you, the employees are most likely assigned to an organization for which you don’t have access to. You’ll need to contact one of your FedHR administrators to assess your access rights and make changes.

FedHR Navigator Basics

What contract vehicles are available for EconSys?

“We participate in the following GSA schedules to make it easy to purchase our products and services.
GSA Schedules:

Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

738X – Human Capital Management & Administrative Support Services

Schedule IT 70

What HR functions does FedHR Navigator help with?

FedHR Navigator is a complete HR solution for the Federal Government with solutions from ‘hire to retire’. Our software is built to serve any agency’s specific case tracking or custom form needs. In addition, the application comes pre-loaded with a number of frequently used OPM standard forms. Our individual modules include: Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Employee & Labor Relations, Position Management, Retirement & Separation, and Workforce Reporting.

How can I be sure employees aren't accessing employee records that they shouldn't view?

FedHR Navigator users role-based security. The access an employee has depends on the role he/she is assigned. Employees may be assigned multiple roles and roles may be given different permissions. This allows some roles to edit and delete records while other roles may be view only, for example.

Can someone else take action on a case, on my behalf?

Yes, with the appropriate permissions and the correct role, someone can act on your behalf. However, only you can e-sign a document with your own name.

When I log on, FedHR Navigator asks for my "Agency Code." Where do I find my Agency Code?

Your Agency Code is part of the URL. If you are asked for an Agency code, it means that you have not used the correct URL. You may need to delete your browsing history and restart your computer or laptop. You can get the correct URL from your HR office or support@econsys.com. Be sure to enter it manually (don’t copy and paste it).

I'm a contractor. How do I access FedHR Navigator?

One of your agency’s FedHR administrators will need to create a username and password for you. Contact your HR office for assistance.

How do I find my username or password if I can't login to the system?

If you cannot log in, your registration may not have completed successfully. Please repeat the process and be sure to click the ‘Update’ button when entering a username/password, email address, and phone number.

Where is my verification email for the registration process?

The email may take a few minutes to arrive. Give it at least 10 minutes and be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder.