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A podcast created to explore some of the biggest workforce challenges faced by federal & state agencies today. In each episode, we’ll feature insights from industry experts who are helping the government improve their workforce operations and make better data-driven decisions.
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Demystifying the FedRAMP Process With Corey Clements at SecureIT

The FedRAMP certification process is a maze of documentation, checks and ongoing monitoring for cloud service providers looking to work with government agencies. In this episode of Government Enabled with host Gil Tillman, Corey Clements, Director of Federal Programs at SecureIT, an IT security company that is also a certified assessor for the FedRAMP certification program, breaks down exactly what each phase entails — and how you can boost your chances of successfully getting certified.

The Inner Workings of FedRAMP Certification With Maria Horton at EmeSec

The protection and storage of government data is not a matter that is taken lightly. That’s why there’s FedRAMP, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, which enables government agencies to move from outdated systems to secure, cloud-based IT through certified Cloud Serice Provider partners. On this episode of Government Enabled, host Gil Tillman interviews Maria Horton, the Founder and CEO at EmeSec, a federal contractor that offers cloud security, compliance and engineering as well as assistance in the FedRAMP application process.

Today’s Biggest Challenges for Government Agencies With George Kettner of EconSys

When George Kettner founded EconSys in 1990, his goal was to leverage the tools of his role as an economist to improve the operational efficiency of government agencies. Thirty years later, the company, which offers management consulting and HR services, continues to push agencies to make better data-driven decisions and develop more e-business solutions to improve their human resource community. On this episode of Government Enabled, Linda Sue Kirschner interviews EconSys Founder and President about the challenges of this unprecedented moment, the ways government agencies still struggle to adapt to technological change and the leadership advice he has to offer.