Disability Program Management

Deliver better program outcomes with our experts on your side.

Add more than project managers to your team.

We provide Disability Program Management to federal as well as state agencies using industry best practices and demonstrated experience and competence in leading project teams.

Hands On Approach

Our team brings a hands-on approach that provides technical assistance and training by subject matter experts and the ability to execute program management at a higher level.

Breadth of Experience

With access to a nationwide network of experts on areas such as Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Medicaid, Vocational Rehabilitation, Mental Health, and Education, among others, we are proud of our depth of experience.

The Right Tools

Leveraging technology to more effectively help program office staff, administrators, and consultants to manage workload, monitor progress, and submit invoices.

Disability Program Management Key Benefits

  • Access to our web-based program management tools
  • Technical assistance and training
  • Policy analysis and consulting
  • Knowledge transition
  • Virtual-based communications
  • Add control and flexibility to large and complex programs
  • A nationwide network of subject matter experts
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Download the Case Study

"EconSys provided exceptional quality in its program validation and bringing to scale systems-change efforts aimed at improving the integrated employment and socioeconomic outcomes of youth and adults with significant disabilities. The contractor went above and beyond in the provision of technical assistance."

ODEP Office of Disability Employment Policy