Program Outcomes Reporting Tool

Streamline employment-related data gathering from service providers.

Save time and add data reliability with a lightweight solution for state agencies.

The web-based data collection tool, called PORT (Program Outcomes Reporting Tool), is designed to streamline employment-related data collection for state agencies because we understand the challenge of consolidating data from multiple providers.

Integrates with All Data Providers

The web-based tool works with all your employment-related data sources – providing easy access, regular refreshes, and consolidated reporting in just a few clicks.

Lightweight and Adaptable

We put our clients’ needs first with the web-based tool – designed from an intuitive user interface and an easy to adapt framework that is ready for any agency’s specific needs.

Built for Accessibility

The PORT is built with accessibility in mind for users with disabilities, following the Section 508 compliance.

PORT Key Benefits

  • Reliable and standardized data collection from all providers
  • Easy access to employment statistics for people with disabilities
  • Always available on any device
  • Supported by our excellent customer service
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"Having the data to provide insight into these key areas will allow us to channel resources to areas of need and learn more about the supports people need to gain and maintain employment in the community."

Tennessee DIDD’s State Director of Employment and Day Services