Program Evaluation

Lead your agency with more informed decisions

Leverage the experience of our team of statisticians and developers to find answers to complex problems.

Our program evaluation team provides an evidence-based assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of programs at the federal and state level.

Sophistication and Flexibility

We use a variety of statistical methods, such as time-series forecasting, econometrics or logit and probit analysis, ensuring that the right approach is applied to every problem.

Breadth of Experience

Our more than 100 collective years of experience comes from a diversity of backgrounds from economists to statisticians to software developers.

Interactive Web-based Reporting

Interactive online analyses allow our clients to drill-down and discover data trends, in addition to the standard reporting provided by our team.

Program Evaluation Key Benefits

  • Predict behavior through data-driven analysis
  • Uncover hidden, non-linear patterns
  • Results-oriented analysis
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