Workforce Planning

Build a clear path for the future with our workforce planning solutions.

Explore workforce shaping for the next five years.

Simulate scenarios to understand hiring needs, expected turnover and grade-level movement across your organization based on historical behavior.

Understand Workforce Gaps

Use quantitative, succinct measurement of workforce gaps based on historical personnel behavior in your strategic and financial planning, rather than workforce simple trends and perceived gaps.

Scenario-Based Predications

Whether building to meet the demand of services in the market or targeting a specific budget, our workforce planner allows users to simulate and compare unlimited scenarios.

Off-the-Shelf-Ready for your Agency

Built using the latest FedScope personnel data, the workforce planner provides you five-year analyses of your agency’s workforce quickly. The tool can be enhanced and personalized with agency specific data on hiring, recruiting and separation.

Workforce Planning Key Benefits

  • Provides a quantitative, succinct measure of gap versus perceptions
  • Delivers “bottom line” results that prescribe hiring requirements
  • Simulates unlimited scenarios
  • Allows easy adjustment model assumptions

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