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    Learn about how EconSys started and how we have evolved over the years.

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Resources for Federal & State Workforces

Deliver on your agency’s core mission and get the most out of your people. Access the latest EconSys blog posts and library content.

How the State Department Went From Technology Dinosaur to Ultra-Modern Systems

Don Bauer, Chief Technology Officer for the Bureau of Global Talent Management at the U.S. Department of State, discusses the process of modernization he pushed for within the federal department.
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Improving Human Resources Processes with Automation

For over 30 years Economic Systems (EconSys) has been developing automated state of the art products for federal Human Resources (HR) offices. With the experience of our staff subject matter experts and input from our customers, we have developed an entire range of products that support a federal employee’s career lifecycle (from “hire-to-retire”) for every division within an HR office, on a single platform.
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The Details of Retirement Income and Planning for Everyday Life in Retirement With an Expert

Chris Brown, a retirement seminar director at EconSys, explains the ins and outs of the federal retirement process, from financial planning to psychological changes.
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The Benefits of Integrating Federal HR Software into a Managed Service Model

Small- to mid-size organizations in the Federal Government frequently lack adequate resources to address recurring operational human resources (HR) activities. With limited staff and hiring resources, many of these organizations turn to managed service solutions, leveraging outside support to fill gaps in daily operations.

The Benefits of Enterprise Software in Federal Talent Acquisition and Position Management

State departments responsible for placement of individuals with disabilities into the workforce routinely struggle An integral part of all federal agencies, Position Management helps establish the positions needed to accomplish the agency’s mission. By defining key roles, the Position Management team outlines the structure, positions and skills needed to execute specific goals.

Building and Executing a Competency Model for Federal HR

Competency modeling allows federal agencies to better identify and evaluate areas for improvement in their workforce. As defined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), competencies are a measurable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics that someone needs to perform work roles or occupational functions successfully.