Federal HR Technology & Workforce Analytics

Increase productivity, reduce costs and focus on your employees. Enable your agency to drive meaningful initiatives and exceptional results.
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A complete 508 compliant HR platform built exclusively for the Federal Government, FedHR Navigator provides integration with your existing systems and helps drive the Cloud First initiative within your agency.
From workforce planning and retirement eligibility to diversity analysis, employee satisfaction and succession planning — our suite of analytics tools is designed to help you make smart decisions. We give you tools that will save time gathering and analyzing data so you can focus on increasing engagement and future-proofing your agency.

Case Study

HR Services and Workforce Planning

Department of Homeland Security

DHS required workforce planning support to improve the process by which new employees are recruited and retained. In an aggressive job market where demand is high and the number of qualified individuals is limited, it was crucial that DHS have a plan for how to build its cyber workforce.