Management Consulting

Find effective solutions to the complex challenges at your agency.

Partner with our experts to identify current and potential issues.

Through data-driven analysis and program evaluation, our management consulting team of program managers, developers, econometricians, and statisticians tackle the complex questions to move your agency forward.

Disability Program Management

Evaluating program effectiveness for federal as well as state agencies, using industry best practices and demonstrated experience and competence in leading project teams.

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Program Evaluation

Providing an evidence-based assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of programs sponsored by government agencies at the federal and state level.

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Survey Administration

Helping agencies create effective questionnaires, choose the optimal way to administer the survey, and discover the key-drivers of survey outcomes.

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Program Outcomes Reporting Tool (PORT)

Streamlining employment-related data collection efforts for people with disabilities by state agencies because we understand the challenge of consolidating data from multiple service providers.

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Key Benefits

  • Experienced consulting team, exceeding client expectations since 1990
  • Easy to understand analysis on complex problems
  • Engaging interactive web-based tools to explore project outcomes
  • Accessible Section 508 compliant technology
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"EconSys exceeded expectations in providing and delivering quality products. They were outstanding to work with, not only based on their professionalism and subject matter expertise, but based on their ability to effectively work within our unique constraints."

Source: A Federal Law Enforcement Agency