Position Management

Easily map every position to your organizational structure and annual budget. Automated tool that allows an agency to manage positions, associate funding, and assess workforce composition for organizational planning.


With our decades of experience in federal position management, we are sensitive to the fact that appropriately classified positions, efficient position management, accurate job analyses, and effective organizational alignments are the cornerstones of a well-structured workforce.

FedHR Navigator PD+ provides an automated tool to manage and document actions associated with positions, streamline the position classification and job analysis processes, and assist with organizational planning efforts.

Benefits of Working with FedHR Navigator PD+

Included in PD+ is a library of agency positions and many documents associated with those positions. It contains many standard positions that are available to agencies at time of implementation. It is built with tools to organize position reviews and approvals as well as grade level associations for budget planning and integrates with the hiring and onboarding modules.

Security the government can trust

FedHR Navigator is FedRAMP Authorized, enabling FedHR Navigator to offer optimal efficiency, collaboration, and transparency, while ensuring Federal PII is protected by the most rigid security controls applicable to Federal cloud-based solutions. These controls exceed even on-premises solutions in terms of data security.

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