Retirement & Separation

The most accurate and comprehensive federal retirement calculator available.

Ensure that every employee has the best information available to plan for the next step in their lives after public service.

Built with the only OPM-certified FERCCA calculator on the market, help your employees understand their financial options better while streamlining retirement and separation processing.

Crystal Clear Retirement Estimates

Provides a comprehensive report showing basis for calculations, separation dates, annuities and deductions, and all sources of post-retirement income.

Easier Retirement Processing

Decrease time required to create a retirement estimate by 75% with integrations with employee personnel systems and a full-array of pre-filled forms.

Retirement Planning for All Civil Agency Federal Retirement Program

Builds calculations for early-outs, Phased Retirement, death-in-service, severance and much more. Handles deposits/re-deposits, FERS RAE and FRAE, Social Security, TSP, and many more.

Retirement & Separation Key Benefits

  • Accurately computes even the most complex retirement issues
  • Integrated with Finance to create and update employee records after every pay period
  • OPM-certified capability that provides accurate side-by-side retirement scenarios
  • Meets FedRAMP standards for protection of PII
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