FedHR Navigator Moves to AWS

On Tuesday, October 13th, EconSys completed the migration of FedHR Navigator to AWS. The move to the AWS environment required a data migration of all databases, documents, and files from the previous environment.

What can you expect?

Data migration process

The data migration process took place from October 9th, 2020 (7pm EST) through October 13th, 2020 (5am EST). During the data migration,  the system was inaccessible. The data migration was scheduled during the weekend to minimize downtime for users. EconSys protected customers’ data by encrypting the data in transit and testing the process to ensure no data was lost or corrupted.

New login URL

As part of the move, FedHR Navigator’s login page is moving to app.fedhrnavigator.com instead of fhrnavigator.com. Users using the old login page will automatically be directed to the new login page. Customers that do not use fhrnavigator.com will continue to use their own domains and can expect follow up from EconSys to ensure those domains are migrated.

Impact to End Users

HR Specialists and agency employees will not observe immediate changes in the appearance or operation of the system as system functionality is not impacted by this change.

For Agency ISSOs

Agency Information System Security Officers can request access to the new security package in advance by contacting Fred Boateng (frederick.boateng@econsys.com). As part of our update, customer responsibilities have had some modifications. EconSys can provide the updated Control Implementation Summary document, which includes customer responsibilities.


FedHR Navigator is moving to Amazon GovCloud! AWS GovCloud is an isolated region offered through Amazon Web Services (AWS) specifically designed for the Federal Government and employs U.S. citizens to provide these services. AWS GovCloud is designed to host sensitive data in the cloud and meets the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program(FedRAMP) High baseline requirements.

As part of our move, FedHR Navigator’s infrastructure has been redesigned with special focus on the following architectural principles:

  • High Availability
  • Defense in Depth
  • Repeatability
  • Accountability

In the AWS environment, following EconSys’ redesigned architecture for FedHRNavigator, the system is mirrored across multiple AWS availability zones to distribute load and prevent outages. If there is an outage in one availability zone, the system is automatically provisioned in another without disrupting user’s activities in the system. The defense in depth architecture provides multiple layers of protection around customer datato enhance security. Maintenance to the system is performed through automation and infrastructure as code to enhance repeatability and accountability of EconSys’ activities.

Benefits for Customers

The chief benefits to our customers are:

  • Improved system reliability and performance
  • Enhanced system security
  • Ability to support FedHR Navigator’s roadmap to add enhanced reporting capabilities to the system

Customers can immediately enjoy state-of-the-art system reliability and performance, even through cyclical usage peaks such as the end of the year for retirement or the beginning of the performance cycle. The system automatically scales to support user load during peak usage. While FedHR Navigator already provides customers with a FedRAMP JAB authorization, EconSys has been working with FedRAMP to ensure our authorization continues as we move to the new environment, which has been specifically designed with security and FedRAMP/FISMA compliance in mind. EconSys has implemented new automation to enhance our system monitoring and incident response capabilities in the new environment. Once the migration is complete, EconSys will focus on a new roadmap to add advanced features to the application, especially new dashboards and reporting capabilities.

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