Survey Administration

Go beyond survey tabulation to question design and key drive analysis.

Leverage the experience of our team of statisticians and developers to find answers to complex problems.

We help agencies create effective questionnaires, choose the optimal way to administer the survey, and discover the key-drivers of outcomes at different levels of an organization.

Ask the right questions.

Our team can work with agencies from the beginning of the process to ensure that surveys are designed and written to best reveal the desired outcomes.

Breadth of Experience.

Our team of statisticians, program managers, and economists connect disparate data points and uncover hidden trends in survey results.

Interactive Web-based Reporting.

Our development team deliver survey results in web-based reporting tools that allow agencies to drill-down to key drivers.

Survey Administration Key Benefits

  • Expansive bank of survey questions
  • Easy to adopt and quick to set up
  • Section 508 compliant
  • Dedicated survey support
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Source: A Federal Law Enforcement Agency