What’s Fair? Managing Perceptions of Performance Management Programs

Performance Program Perceptions

Agencies use performance management programs to inform employee decisions related to compensation, transfers, promotions and workforce cuts. A key goal of any performance management program is to distinguish top performers from the rest of the pack in order to reward the top performers. As long as federal agencies have a finite amount of resources to be distributed […]

Does Your Agency Have a Plan for High Potential Employee Flight Risk?

Flight Risk

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of developing a strong leadership bench by shaping the right employees into future leaders with targeted training and succession planning. High-performing agencies not only have great talent but also know how their new leaders will transfer through the ranks of the agency. However, once you have identified […]

4 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Bench

Building your Leadership Bench

What could be more important to an agency’s enduring health than the selection and cultivation of its future leaders? There is a growing need within the public sector not only to develop current leaders, but to also accelerate the readiness of future leaders. To foster the development of the agency’s leaders of tomorrow, agencies need […]

The Annual Performance Review vs. the Competency Assessment

In last week’s blog post on the challenges of annual performance appraisal data, we pointed out that annual performance appraisal does not facilitate candid discussions about improving upon skillsets. This hurts employee development and succession planning activities. This week, we recommend federal agencies implement two processes: the traditional performance management process mandated by OPM, which […]

Performance Appraisal Data is Complicated. Here’s Why.

In the hustle and bustle of working life, the employee performance appraisal offers a chance for managers and their employees to take time for one-on-one discussions of issues that might not otherwise be addressed. When conducted properly, they offer a valuable opportunity to discuss work activities and goals, correct existing problems and encourage positive performance. […]

4 Reasons Why Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback is Important

Very often, the discussions around government performance management (PM) programs focus on the annual performance appraisal. Discussions with senior HR leaders or agency PM SOPs usually focus on how to cascade organizational goals into performance elements, how to rate elements accrurately, etc. While the annual performance appraisal is an important moment in the performance management […]

7 Risks of Poorly Implemented Performance Management Programs

Performance management programs can provide considerable benefits to government organizations; help them align and track measurable goals, create ongoing feedback loops for coaching, and boost engagement through recognition. However, poorly implemented performance management programs can lead to detrimental organizational outcomes. Read on to explore seven high-impact dangers of poorly implemented performance management programs. Lack of […]

The Top 5 Advantages of an Effective Performance Management Program

For all government agencies, the role of human resources is paramount to compliance with federal regulations. It’s just as important, however, to ensure that the agency is achieving its mission and running as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, many federal HR practitioners are currently frustrated with the prevalence of fragmented, disconnected systems used across various HR […]

New to Performance Management? Here are the Top Four Best Practices You Need to Know

Building a workforce, ensuring effective leadership, managing critical skill gaps and managing employee performance are among the central challenges confronting federal agencies today. Key to these Human Resources responsibilities is performance management. Whether you’re new to performance management or simply want to revitalize your methods and processes, here you’ll find four performance management best practices […]

Beware the Data Visualization Trap

Data visualization tools are increasingly being used by human capital managers and analysts. Making the move from Excel to interactive visualization tools reveals insights and information that was previously trapped in dozens of spreadsheets . The awesome power and value of dashboards and visualization tools is how well they present interactive summaries of your data. […]

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